Professional Building Services in Halifax

N Hoyle Building Contractors offer complete building solutions for all your housing development and renovation projects. Our relatively small team of Qualified and competent builders in Halifax are capable of producing big results, with absolutely no compromise on quality.

We are based in Halifax making us ideal for completing building work in Huddersfield and throughout the whole of West Yorkshire.

Why N Hoyle Builders in Halifax?

  • No Job Too Small – from Garden Walls to Complete House Builds
  • Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000
  • Low Overheads and Competitive Prices

New house builds

N Hoyle Building Contractors have been involved in many successful house builds and complete renovations.  Our efficient team work closely with designers, architects and other tradesmen to ensure the project runs smoothly, and the result matches your specifications.  Our passion for the building trade drives our ambition to make your new house build a complete success.


N Hoyle Building Contractors provide comprehensive roof repair and maintenance services,  from minor repairs to complete overhaul. If you require a new roof, we design every new roof from scratch, in direct accordance with the request requirements of our clients.

House extensions

N Hoyle Builders in Halifax can help if you are thinking of extending your living space by adding another room to your property.  We can work with designers and architects to plan and then carry out the build.  All work is carefully considered to ensure the structural integrity of the original building remains sound, whilst also making sure the new build is equally safe.

Building Alterations

N Hoyle builders in Halifax can safely carry out major and minor alterations to your property, such as moving or removing an internal or external wall, adding new doors, windows or skylights.

Building and Repairing Garden walls

You may need a high wall as a property or garden boundary, or a small more decorative garden wall within your garden.  We can build unique designs or to match your existing stone or brick work, adding additional decorative pieces such as ballasts and posts, to match your requirements.


Through traditional building techniques and careful construction, we can develop durable, hardwearing and attractive patios that will stand the test of time.  Many materials and unique designs can be incorporated.


Over time, weathering and decay can develop in masonry construction which can lead to water ingress within the voids and gaps.  This is detrimental to stonework, causing problems such as frost weathering which can further damage the masonry.  N Hoyle Builders in Halifax have vast experience in the repair and repointing of your building.  After assessing the level of degradation of the current stone work, we work to repair any larger gaps and voids, before completely repointing the area.  Catching and treating the problem early can save money, rather than leaving the issue for the masonry to deteriorate further requiring additional more costly structural repairs.

Dry Stone walls

Constructing dry stone walls can be a challenge to even the most experienced builder, but the resulting traditional walls are invariably beautiful and unique.  The lack of mortar to hold the pieces means the structure must be strong and secure at the point of laying each stone.  We have the traditional skills in the craft of dry stone walling to erect durable, strong and attractive dry stone wall structures of virtually any size or length.


From leveling uneven ground, to completely re-planning your current garden layout, N Hoyle Builders in Halifax can work with you to develop a plan to suit your budget and timescale, and bring your dream garden to life.  We are experts in cutting, filling and grading of landscapes in order to bring about the ideal shape and level to your property.


N Hoyle Builders in Halifax have experience in the renovation or regeneration of building spaces and properties.  We have worked both with smaller scale renovations, to complete building renovations, breathing new life into older structures.  Challenging as some renovations can be, the result is truly rewarding as you see the old building brought to modernity, and back into active use.

Please contact us for more details of our building services in Halifax, Huddersfield and throughout West Yorkshire.


Professional building services in Halifax Huddersfield